Michel Boeri, president of the Automobile Club de Monaco, has responded to media reports that the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​at risk of canceling the calendar at the end of the year. For financial reasons, “There are rumors that Liberty Media’s demands are too much for Monaco. And the Grand Prix will not be held again,” French magazine Auto Hebdo was quoted as saying by Boeri about such news reports

“That is not true; we are still in negotiations with them. And now we have to make it concrete by signing a contract. I can assure you that after the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix continues. I don’t know if the contract will last for three or five years. It will, however continue that’s a matter of details that need to be discussed.”

Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix has been included in the Formula One World Championship calendar for the first time in a year. 1950 and is considered the crown jewel of this sport. And it’s a race that every racer dreams of winning.

However, they are currently facing competition from Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Miami, and Las Vegas in a glamorous gamble. It has been suggested that Monaco needs to be modernized. and have to pay more to host the event at the same time, McLaren team boss Zach Brown said. Reuters revealed that Monaco “needs the same commercial terms as other Grand Prix. If you want to host the next tournament.”

He also added, “Monaco has always stood up to the most glamorous part of Formula One. However, I think Miami, Singapore, and Las Vegas are starting to add some glamorous markets. So I think Monaco has to use the same commercial terms as any other Grand Prix and may have to work on how they can alter their course. because when our car is bigger.  Therefore the competition becomes more difficult.”

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