Wolff Says Mercedes W13 Doesn’t Deserve To Be World Champion

Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff assessed the performance of the eight-time Formula 1 constructors’ champion. After being world champions,s they finished one lap away from Red Bull under Emilia Romagna. Seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton battled for a P13 result and finished one lap behind winner max Verstappen. And his 2021 rival Max Verstappen, marking the first time he has done a lap since the 2017 Mexican Grand Prix. Wolff later apologized to Hamilton on team radio for Mercedes, which Red Bull could pass at the Granprix Imola Italy.

Unpacking the Grand Prix that had ended, Wolff said. Yeah, I mean, really bad. He’s pinned by an Alpine, two other cars cut him off, and there’s no one to overtake when you’re in the DRS line. So I think we saw with George where cars can be driven if you’re in the open air. But we are not good enough to be world champions. It is not worth being world champions; for now, we just need to improve the car to compete with Red Bull and Ferrari. I had a bit of exchange on the radio with Lewis and was apologizing for the car he has to drive at the moment, and we’re going to sort it out to get ready for the Miami race, so that’s okay.

For Russell managed to finish fourth and is now fourth in the drivers’ standings behind Red Bull’s drivers, who finished one-two at Ferrari’s home circuit. George was driving really well considering the car underneath, continued Wolff. We failed to adjust the front wing flaps, which means he has the car set up for wet and not for dry, and he endured a very good drive.

Looking forward to the Miami Grand Prix for the first time

International News, Looking forward to the inaugural Miami Grand Prix on May 6-8. Wolff said Mercedes would go ahead and focus on reducing their dolphin problem. One of the problems that saw them lose lap times in 2022. I think we’ll see things for Miami. I think we can make strides in understanding cars, and then it’s another day. We just need to really understand more of the flaws in the current car. Creep and bring developments to a car that will improve its bounce in preparation for the Miami GP early next Sunday.

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