Bahrain Interim Test Results Day 2

Bahrain Interim Test Results Day 2. – It was very hot at the Bahrain International Circuit for the penultimate day of pre-season testing. With conditions so, warm teams are limited in what they can learn. As conditions cool and sunset approaches. Drivers made use of softer compound tires to feel the set-up when there was more grip on dusty tracks. Ferrari ended the day fastest, and, as usual, we have to soak up prime lap time with a pinch of salt; there’s a growing feeling from those I spoke to above and below the paddock of a red car should be in the mix. ahead when the season is in progress. Ferrari emerged as a real threat. Do their best to lower their performance. But after speaking to several members of the red team, it is impossible to ignore their optimism after what has been a very productive pre-season.

Carlos Sainz was the fastest overall on day two, and Charles Leclerc was happy. With balance and how the car responds to changes in set-up. They can feel acres of downforce, which in turn gives them confidence in the car. Naturally, they had no idea where they stood in comparison to the others. So different programs are run by each team. But Ferrari has shown fairly consistent over five days of running. Crossing the two locations to show that they have closed the gap going forward and could also be podium contenders in Bahrain.

McLaren Behind

They have become one of the most reliable teams in Barcelona. ​Mclaren has been sliding down the mileage chart in Bahrain thanks to persistent brake issues. Lando Norris admits could take a long time to fix. The British racer only managed to complete 59 laps. Adding 49 laps to the previous day, McLaren has mileage very low as they hope to catch up with performance and marks the final part of their program. To add to their frustration, Daniel Ricciardo was absent from the track for the second day in a row due to illness. While he was feeling better on Friday, he returned a positive PCR test. This means he won’t be running this week and will be starting winter.

Williams is in the top five on the mileage chart in Barcelona. ​But like McLaren, their fortunes have dropped this week. Nicholas Latifi had only managed 12 laps on the second day when he was forced to a stop with smoke, followed by fire, blowing from his rear brake. It was frustrating for a team that started looking for performance and experimenting with more settings. They will be hoping to start first thing on Saturday. This is the last day of testing. And to perfect a package that will be very similar to the first race of the season at the same venue next week.

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