Sports news ekings news – Now the Louvre Indonesia has the first foreign player to play with the Louvre in the upcoming 2022 ABL season. And the upcoming foreign player is Maxie Esho. Maxie Esho is no stranger to Indonesian basketball fans. This is because he has also played for CLS Knights Indonesia in the ABL match in the 2019 season.

And at that time, Esho was considered to bring a special and good appearance. He is also one of the top scorers in the CLS and can also bring his team to victory in this match. Esho also successfully won the Finals MVP title after they defeated the Singapore Slingers team.

Actually, the current election for Esho has been easily predictable.  Since long ago because the Louvre has brought Bryan Rowson. He is now the new head coach at the Louvre. Cac Brian is also a coach who has handled Esho. This was while playing in CLS. Of course, Coach Brian will not choose other foreign players who have not been proven to be able to play with good quality.

Esho, who has played for Indonesia, is expected to be able to play well again. This is without any adaptations that are too difficult. This is because it will be a very difficult and formidable challenge if you have to call new foreign players.

From the official statement that has been stated by Erick Erlangga that the match next season will certainly still use 3 quotas for foreign players. And the Louvre is currently looking for a naturalized national team player and a former NBA star, Jeremy Lin.

Upcoming ABL competition

To be able to face the ABL competition in the coming year, Louvre is known for playing games and is very serious about targeting one of the former NBA players, Jeremy Lin. It has been widely reported that Louvre Indonesia has passed the selection to participate in the ASEAN Basketball League.  The coming year should make Louvre very happy. They even immediately thought of launching their team in Jakarta. And from this team launch event, you can see some interesting information.

The first is that the Louvre appointed Bryan Rowson as head coach. This also means it is a sign that the Louvre has failed to cooperate with the signing of Eduard Torres. Torres is a former coach from Hong Kong Eastern. Then, from sports news, it was reported that the Louvre had appointed Daniel Wenas as the team captain. And another player who has signed a contract is the player Francisco Yogi Da Silva.

Then the information that is very interesting and at the same time the most painful news.  Louvre is currently saying that they are trying to be able to bring in Jeremy Lin.  Lin is a former NBA player of Taiwanese descent. From Sports news, it was informed that Lin’s game is currently on the decline in America since he last played with the Toronto Raptors.

To be able to bring Lin in, of course, is also not an easy thing for the Louvre management to do and solve. In addition to the exorbitant prices, there are also lots of interesting teams to bring Lin as well. Until now, it is still not known exactly when the ABL will start, and from the League, there has been no notification about this.