Basketball News Paolo Banchero Ready for High Expectations With Orlando Magic. The secret, of how Orlando got Paolo Banchero with its No. 1 pick in the NBA draft, is very well kept. Among those who do not know Banchero himself.

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Banchero said even he was kept out of the Orlando Magic’s decision circle for about 30 seconds. Before NBA Commissioner Adam Silver took the draft stage to announce his name for the basketball world to hear. Mike Miller, Banchero’s agent, bowed and broke the news by simply saying “Congratulations.” With that, he left and celebrated. Banchero arrived in Orlando on Friday, one day after his name was permanently engraved on the No. 1 draft picks list.

The Training Begins

The 6-foot 10 forward from Duke, is officially begining the training next week, to be in shape for the Orlando NBA Summer League opening on July 7. The Magic looks at every option with its No. 1 pick. The team considered several options about getting it in the trade. Jabari Smith Jr from Auburn came to practice which was attended and admired by several of the Orlando players. Chet Holmgren Gonzaga spent a few days with Magic last week. The team insisted other players were given serious consideration as well. There are many things to consider, suitable in the short term and suitable in the long term balance between them. The Magic said they believed when the college season ended that Banchero was the best player at that level last season. But the actual schedule for when they made the decision to take him No. 1 remains a secret.

Miller, who won the NBA rookie of the year award in Orlando. And will now try to help Banchero do the same as an agent. Says he started getting leads about half an hour before the election was due. What happened over the next few days would be a whirlwind. Summer League practice awaits, and Banchero and second-round pick Caleb Houston of Michigan both intend to play. There’s going to be a lot of attention on that, right from the start of the first made-for-TV game in Las Vegas. Orlando against Houston, the team used their pick No. 3 on Smith, after he was widely expected by many to end up in Orlando.

NBA Summer League

Mosley will be running some training in the Summer League. But will hand over the responsibility of the game in Las Vegas to assistant Magic Jesse Mermuys, says he doesn’t intend to coach Banchero any differently from other players. In fact, Banchero won’t be viewed differently from other rookies this season. Such is the life for pick No. 1 in any draft.

In the end, it was one of the biggest deciding factors for Magic. Smith is clearly talented. Holmgren is clearly talented. The potential of both players is limitless. But something that sets Banchero apart, in their eyes, is the way Orlando believes he is making the game easier for his teammates.

“There are so many things to do with this.” said Magic President Jeff Weltman. “It’s talent, fit, character, projection of where the league is going. There are so many things that factor into a conversation like this that you could go on arguing for months. And that’s kind of what makes it fun, right? I mean, it’s a fun process.”

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