NBA News Online Draymond Green Increases Warriors’ Defense Strength

NBA News Online Draymond Green Increases Warriors’ Defense Strength. The All-Star forward increased his intensity during the Golden State Warriors Game 2 win and could be a big factor in propelling the team towards another title.

After a three-pointer at Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green fell to the ground. Because of the forward momentum and because Brown accidentally kicked his left foot. After both players landed on the ground, Green’s feet landed on Brown’s. He pushed Green’s leg, pushing Green to push Brown’s back. Brown then turned and stood on top of Green, who then tugged on Brown’s shorts before standing in front of him.

Without a doubt, Green remains the engine of the Warriors, who has driven their defensive intensity through three NBA championships. The same thing happened in the Warriors’ 107-88 win over the Boston Celtics in Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday. Nothing caught the Warriors’ shot more than Green’s fight with Brown towards the end of the first half. However, the Warriors argued that their defensive power surpassed Green’s fiery temper. And the ability to test the referee’s limits without committing a second technical foul. The Warriors believe they didn’t have that mindset in their Game 1 loss to Boston. They squandered a 12-point lead in the fourth quarter, including allowing Boston to pick up seven unanswered points en route to 40 points in the fourth quarter.

Green Changes Defense

The Warriors didn’t express too much concern. Curry said he knew Green would change the team’s defense. Both after the game and after Saturday’s practice, Green was self-critical of both his 2-for-12 clip from the field and his defensive execution. It took less than five minutes in Game 2 to show that Green was serious. Eleven seconds into Game 2, Green tied Celtics forward Al Horford to force a jump ball before the Warriors created a turnover. The Warriors also changed their defensive philosophy. The Warriors assigned Green to Brown, while shifting Klay Thompson to Horford. Although Andrew Wiggins still defended Jayson Tatum, the Warriors also threw Gary Payton II at him. Curry is willing to defend Smart. Warriors’ forwards Kevon Looney and Otto Porter Jr, relied on their agility and positional versatility to take on Celtics center Robert Williams III.

The end result? Brown had just 17 points from 5-for-17 shooting in Game 2 after having 24 points from 10-for-23 in Game 1. Tatum increased his score to 28 at the expense of his assists (three). Neither Horford (two) nor Smart (two) makes much of an attack. Despite the disadvantage, the Warriors beat the Celtics on points (40-24). The Celtics also made 18 turnovers. This season, the Warriors are currently ranked sixth among NBA playoff teams in defensive rankings (110.8). The Warriors will likely need to increase that number to win the NBA title. The Warriors have come this far despite Curry’s offensive brilliance without receiving much favor.

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