Colombia’s Scared Rivas Will Defend Bridgerweight Title

Boxing News, Colombian boxer Scar Rivas receives good news. He was in October 2021 was named the World Boxing Council Bridge Class World Champion. After beating Ryan Rozicki of Canada in 12 rounds by unanimous decision. Now you will have the opportunity to defend your title as a local. To keep up-to-date with International Sports news, stay tuned for the latest from the Sports News Site, EkingsNews. On August 13 in the city of Cali, the Colombian champions will face Poland’s Lukasz Rozanski, who has 12 consecutive knockouts. It must be remembered that originally, ‘Kaboom’ would defend the title in October this year. According to Mauricio Suleimán, president of the World Boxing Council.

The venue for the fight will be the legendary Pascual Guerrero stadium. This time it won’t quiver to the songs of the América de Cali fans but will serve to welcome boxing fans to the country. It is worth remembering that the native of Buenos Aires was the first Colombian boxer in history to become a Bridgerweight champion. And he hopes to continue to make history of making the country proud, as he has done so far. It may interest you: Hamstring discomfort prevented ‘Juanfer’ Quintero from traveling to Córdoba to face Talleres. In 2007, the man from Valle del Cauca won the super heavyweight title at the Pan American Games. Which was held in Rio de Janeiro. Two years later, he decided to pack his bags for Canada due to a lack of support in Colombia.

Formation of New Division

From the start, living in the North American country wasn’t easy, as he had first to dodge the blows of the Canadian language and climate. This was revealed when he was interviewed by the El Espectador newspaper.

“It was a mess, I was sad; they wouldn’t let me fight. But I said to myself: ‘I’m already in Canada, I have to get some work done. Let’s kill each other. He who endures attains.” In that sense, his start in boxing was also not easy, as he had to face poverty and a lack of opportunities. But even so he struggled with adversity as well as battling injuries that have kept him out of the ring on several occasions.

“Everyone knows the ups and downs I’ve had due to injury. Ever since I started my professional career, I have wanted that famous WBC green belt. This has been the job for the last 11 years. I am happy to say that I am the first champion in this new division.”
Bridger weight is a new division of this sports discipline created by the World Boxing Commission. Together with other organizations that regulate this sport. The categories range from 201 to 224 pounds and are meant to prevent notable weight differences in combat. Meanwhile, Mauricio Suleimán emphasized during an interview with the Izquierdazo portal. That they had high hopes for the formation of this new division in boxing.

“It’s an idea that came up a long time ago, and luckily, it happened; we’re looking forward to boxing.” The division’s name was given in honor of six-year-old American boy Bridger Walker. Yang, in 2020 saved his four-year-old sister from a stray dog ​​attack. And because of that, he suffered some injuries to his leg and face that required 90 stitches.

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