Johnny Nelson says Conor Benn is not to be underestimated ahead of his potential fight at the 156 lb catchweight class against the bigger fighter Chris Eubank Jr. in October.

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Nelson believes welterweight Benn has a chance to beat Eubank Jr although he is inexperienced and has also never fought against top 15 world-class opponents before reaching 147 during his career. Johnny felt what the 25-year-old Conor showed in his wins over Chris Van Heerden, Samuel Vargas, Chris Algieri, Adrian Granados.

Sebastian Formella proved that he is someone to be taken seriously. What Nelson wants to see is how 32-year-old Eubank Jr handles a 156lb weight and what he can do at that weight. If Eubank Jr. is weakened by the weight cuts, Benn will have a real chance to beat him. Otherwise, Benn could be in for a long night.

“Will he, after being signed on the dotted line, lose it and come in a bit more? I do not know,” said Johnny Nelson about whether Eubank Jr would come above the 156-lb catchweight and pay one for his fight against Benn.

Easy Opponents

“I think the only problem is the size. In terms of ability, he [Benn] proved, I have now leveled up. Conor Benn is one fighter you can’t underestimate. Conor Benn is probably also one of the best British boxers I’ve ever seen.” said Nelson. I think a lot of boxing fans will disagree with Nelson about Benn having proven himself to be “leveling up.” Based on the level of opposition that was deliberately given to Benn. You can’t tell if he’s good. Because the fighter he beats will lose even to the bottom feeders in the welterweight division.

WBC 15th-ranked Rashedi Ellis and 14th Radzhab Butaev are likely to beat everyone Benn has faced as a pro and do it the same way. So, I don’t think the size for him will be a problem. But he’s against an absolute machine in Chris Jr. said, Nelson. I believe Eubank will want to put him under pressure, put him under him. It’s about what punches are thrown, about how the fighters react when hit. This rehydration clause, I want to see how it affects Chris. And if he clung to that, what kind of fight would it be. This is one of the few warriors whose iconic parents have managed to earn real respect from the public.” said Nelson.

“You know, I’ve also seen a lot of news articles and the press talk rubbish about the rehydration clause, weight, place, and date. That’s not true unless you hear it from me.” Conor Benn told Boxing Kingdom Media.

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