Moto GP news today EKings News: The latest former world champion Suzuki intends to leave Moto GP at the end of this year. And is in talks with promoter Dorna about the possibility of doing so. The Japanese automaker revealed itself.

Suzuki said in a statement before the French Grand Prix that this move It’s for financial reasons. It is considered to halt other racing activities as well. “And the need to focus on the drastic changes the automotive world has been facing in recent years has resulted in Suzuki drastically cutting costs associated with racing,” the statement said.

Suzuki added, “Use economic resources and all human resources to develop new technologies.” However, Dorna said it had contacted Suzuki last week to warn the manufacturer that they cannot make a unilateral decision under the terms of the contract with MotoGP.

Last year, Suzuki Motor Corporation renewed its participation in the MotoGP championship. They did this with the deal running until the 2026 season. They did this after having previously left MotoGP. Suzuki retired from the premier class after the 2011 season due to the recession and the strengthening of the yen. They then returned in full form in 2015

The Suzuki team won both titles in 2020 when Spanish rider Joan Mir was crowned his first champion in a season shortened by the coronavirus pandemic. With Mir’s side saying he was furious with this decision, he and his manager are talking to Honda like any other company.

Continued Negotiations

“We are negotiating with Suzuki before it all happened. ” My manager will have more jobs than he expected,” added Joan Mir. With many other manufacturers trying to adapt to my future without Suzuki.”

Meanwhile, Alex Rins, teammate and compatriot who plans to continue working with Suzuki. According to the news would severely impact the other team members. I will be able to find a new team for next year. But for them (the mechanics), it is more difficult.  I feel very sorry! They are like family to me,” he added.

Suzuki has held several top championship titles over the decades since the 1970s, with England’s Barry Sheen, Marco Laccinelli, and Franco Ancini of Italy, including K. America’s Vin Schwanz and Kenny Roberts Jr., with team boss Davide Brivo leaving the team before the start of the 2021 season to join Alpine Formula One as director. The Suzuki project head Shinichi Sahara said that Brivo’s departure was “shocking news” and affected the key Japanese manufacturer.

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