NBA News Minnesota Timberwolves Youth Talent Anthony Edwards

NBA News Minnesota Timberwolves Young Talent Anthony Edwards. Probably the least known and the winner of all. Probably because Anthony Edwards is the youngest and the least seasoned in the NBA. But his last match showed who he is and what he will become.  In the most important game for the Minnesota Timberwolves in years, one that decided it was going to the playoffs. Edwards is the brightest star, the most important player, despite the fact that the franchise’s player rating still falls on Karl Anthony Towns, a New Yorker with Dominican roots who has pulled a team car that almost always wants to be in the most exciting part. Until this season. They came from a bad campaign (23-49 record).

And in the current campaign, they added another 23 wins (46-36), barely reaching second place in the playoffs in 18 seasons. And a lot has to do with this 1m97’s physical prodigy – the physique he has used a lot playing in various positions in junior American football- playing as a shooting guard/small forward and hasn’t felt a change in professionalism. First, he came well-prepared and already had great athletic abilities. Secondly, he is a born goalscorer, lethal on the counter-attack, very dangerous with space, decisive in penetration, and with a lot of confidence in his shots, although he is still lacking in form (34.4% three points in these two campaigns).

Have an Enthusiastic Character and Never Give Up

And thirdly, because he has character and passion for what he does. And it has to do with the story. Born in Atlanta, life hit him hard, especially with the deaths of his mother and grandmother. The two most important people in his life, in the space of just eight months, both with cancer, 2015. Despite being a short 19 years old, Edwards stood out as a rookie, averaging 19.3 points, 4.7 rebounds, 2.9 assists, and 1.1 steals. More than five months after his debut, he had already accumulated 42 points against Phoenix. And after two months, he did it again, against Memphis. The current season started it, got bigger. Why? In official measurements, they realized that he had grown more than four centimeters since the choice of the design. What’s not surprising is his new leap in quality in the game.

Takes the figure to 21.3 points for both teams’ goalscorers, 4.8 recoveries, 3.8 goal passes, and 1.5 steals, including long shots (he’s gone from 33 to nearly 36% in a triple). He was teammates with Leandro Bolmaro and was coached by Pablo Prigioni, Wolves’ main attacking coordinator. Both have been part of the team’s offensive rise, leading the way in points (116) and triple (14.6) in goals scored per game, in addition to being seventh in assists (25.7) and 9th in offensive rankings (points per possession). ). The two Cordovans, one to deal with him in training and the other to guide him in his progress, knew this kid’s worth but didn’t know his ceiling. “Paul is my man. He’s a very smart point guard in this league, and he knows it. It has helped me a lot, in an easier way to score,” said Anthony, who should be playing better after this season.

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