Badminton News Wong Tat Meng Coaches Hong Kong Men’s Singles

Badminton News Wong Tat Meng Coaches Hong Kong Men’s Singles. Despite the women’s singles sector being in trouble, BA Malaysia did not even try to lure former national coach Wong Tat Meng back to their home ground.

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The 54-year-old left the South Korean team last month after guiding them to the Uber Cup title. The cup was held at the Badminton Malaysia Academy (ABM) in Bukit Kiara on Tuesday. However, he was with the Hong Kong men’s singles team. It was Tat Meng’s first day working with Hong Kong, whose players are gearing up for next week’s Malaysia Open and Malaysia Masters on July 5-10. The Malaysian badminton player has signed a two-year contract with Hong Kong BA (HKBA). He is tasked with preparing their men’s team for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The strategy is set

While the HKBA does not set a specific key performance index (KPI) for it. Tat Meng decided to change their two established stars, world number 13 Angus Ng Ka Long, and rank 15 Lee Cheuk Yiu became a true competitor.

“After guiding Korea to the Uber Cup, I felt I had accomplished my mission with them. I wanted to seek new challenges,” said Tat Meng, who has prepared Korea’s An Se Young to become a world beater during his nearly four-year stint.

“I accepted Hong Kong’s offer because the environment there is more suitable for me. Contrary to my previous role, I will only be handling the men’s singles department. Ka Long is a top 10 player (sixth best in his career) but has dropped slightly, while Cheuk Yiu is making his breakthrough to elite status. I want to help both players to take their game to a higher level and become regular top 10 players.

Hong Kong Player Potential

“I see great potential in it; otherwise, I would not have joined Hong Kong.” So why not return to strengthen the BAM coaching line-up, where the team clearly needs a quality coach following the departure of Indonesia’s Indra Wijaya, who left in February to join professional badminton player Lee Zii Jia. The fact that there is no Malaysian representative in the women’s singles at the Super 750 Malaysia Open and Super 500 Malaysia Masters shows how bad this squad is. World number 54 S. Kisona is unlikely to make the cut even if there is a late draw as she is only the fourth reserve.

Tat Meng revealed that the offer from the HKBA was one of the two he had received. BAM didn’t even approach with an offer. “The second offer I got was also from an Asian country,” said Tat Meng without revealing. “No offer from Malaysia.” Tat Meng had two stints with BA Malaysia from 2003-2011 and 2013-2016. He also spent two years in Scotland, from 2016-2018. Another overseas stint was with Indonesia in 2012. Malaysia’s women’s singles department once soared under Tat Meng’s tutelage, with the now retired Wong Mew Choo being a world champion in its heyday. Mew Choo’s biggest success was winning the 2007 China Open. Where she beat big names like Zhu Lin, Zhang Ning, and Xie Xingfang for the title.

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