Nadal Defeats Carlos Alcaraz Towards BNP Paribas Open Final

Nadal Defeats Carlos Alcaraz Towards BNP Paribas Open Final – Over three hours of BNP Paribas Open semi-final against Carlos Alcaraz. Rafael Nadal did exactly what he had trained his whole life to do. Watched Alcaraz serve in the third set at 3-4, 30-40. An Alcaraz groundstroke landed short in front of Nadal’s forehand. In Nadal’s sprint to tie him in the line. Nadal pushed forward to cut out Alcaraz’s forehand pass. On that line came where Nadal decisively volleyed in a forehand to break serve for 5-3. Four points later, Nadal won 6-4, 4-6, 6-3, and reached the final here for the fifth time.

The Big Three each have their own way of winning. Roger Federer admits his win is yet another masterpiece in a dimly lit museum. Novak Djokovic dissects with the clinical precision of a surgeon. Art and medicine create distance. Exit the match with Nadal, and you will participate in the intimacy of the competition. Nadal’s questions came not only from the head but from the heart. What do you have? Dig deep or die.

Alcaraz brings a lot. So what if Alcaraz, 18, is almost half Nadal’s age? So what if in their only previous encounter, last spring in Madrid, Alcaraz won just three games? At that time. It’s now.

“I think last year was a lot of firsts for me,” said Alcaraz. I mean, first win in a Grand Slam, first Masters 1000. Many times first. Now I play more games against top 10 players, big games in big stadiums. I think I’m more mature now. I know how to control my emotions. Now I know my level, know how to play against players like this.

Other Factors Of The Match

Alcaraz didn’t come to this semifinal just for field questions. He wanted to ask them. Sky-high energy helped the Spaniard win the first two games. Alcaraz’s enthusiasm and interest were not once. After Nadal came back to lead 4-2 in the first set. Alcaraz managed to equalize to 4-all. Even trailing 4-5, Alcaraz hit back with a deuce, his comeback aided by a fine forehand drop shot and a sharp backhand volley. It was only on set point five that Nadal closed the first set, which lasted 66 minutes.

The second set brought another factor in very windy conditions, which in the desert also triggered sandstorms. Describes what the environment is as barely playable. Nadal noted that the problem with tennis is that we don’t have rules for it. There is no law for the wind. No decision says that after X miles per hour, we should suspend the game. I tell you one thing; I enjoyed playing with the wind a lot because it was a challenge for me. It’s like playing golf with a lot of wind. I mean, we’re going to have an error. The level won’t be that high. But it’s about trying to find a solution all the time.

Having once been a major competitor of tennis before his time, Nadal is well aware of Alcaraz’s current state of mind. When you are young, said Nadal. Everything is new when you go through a new experience for the first time. You play in stadiums, against opponents, in tournaments that only one, two years ago you only watched on TV. I thought you were excited. You have passion.

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