nba ekings news – Los Angeles Lakers fans are of course happy with the recovery of LeBron James.  He has recovered but in the last two games the LA Lakers have lost in a row. Apparently, this did not make the LA Lakers end up winning. and they must be willing to accept defeat for the third time when they compete with TD Garden on Friday night, November 19, 2021. In this match, the Boston Celtics could beat the Lakers with a score of 130-108.

In this match, LeBron started to play again after he had previously missed eight games due to an abdominal muscle injury. However, he was able to provide quite an impressive game at the start of the match. He then provided 7 points, 1 assist, and 1 set with a fairly accurate shot in the first 4/4 of the quarter and gave the Lakers a 38-30 chance to lead and improve his team.

However, the Lakers had a sluggish game when they finished the game in the fourth quarter by scoring only 6 points.  There were also only 2 rebounds. They left behind the hosts, who could provide 23 points and 6 rebounds, then two assists. Meanwhile, Anthony Davis provided a record with 31 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 assists.  Anthony Davis could not only provide a record of 31 points, 6 rebounds, and also 2 assists. This acquisition was then followed by Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo could provide 13 points from the bench, and Westbrook was even sluggish by providing only 12 points, 6 assists, and also 4 rebounds.

Tatum leaves his mark

However, in this match, Jayson Tatum could give a very good and impressive performance. He can provide 37 points and 11 rebounds, as well as 3 steals. With this, Tatum could give 35+ points to his 14th career game. He could give the Celtics a legendary record that was Paul Pierce before he was 24 years old. And Marcus Smart can add as many as 22 points, followed by Dennis Schroder, a former Lakers player.  He provided 21 points and overall, here smart and Schroder can help Tatum by providing 43 points, 14 rebounds, and also 12 assists. At this time, the Celtics are still not strengthened by Jaylen Brown who is suffering from a hamstring.

Tatum, here also from NBA news, is informed that he can start the game with an average of 24.2 points and 8.5 rebounds. He also had 3.5 assists in each game with a shooting accuracy of 39.6 percent. This should be used as a reference for the Lakers. The Laker’s defense could watch out for this. However, here Tatum was not given special care.  This resulted in him being able to play freely and bring victory to the hosts.

Giving up the victory

Meanwhile, the Celtics can still not provide a consistent game at the start of this season. They can give as many as 8 wins from a total of 16 matches. However, the opposing team here also fell even further with the acquisition of 9 defeats from 17 matches. Meanwhile, relying solely on LeBron’s return, the Lakers seem to be expecting too much here.

Meanwhile, from the NBA news, it was reported that the famous arena, Staples Center this year would change its name to and the new name and logo will be unveiled on December 25, 2021. This is during the LA Lakers game against the Brooklyn Nets. Hopefully, in this match, the LA Lakers game can improve.