NBA Ekings News Latest NBA Ekings News Kyrie Irving is spending $36.5 million on player options with the Brooklyn Nets for next season. From an interview with The Athletic, a famous sports media

“Normal people keep the world going. But people who dare to be different will lead us to tomorrow,” Kyrie Irving told The Athletic. See you this fall, A11even.”

Kyrie Irving has created a list of teams he would like the Brooklyn Nets to consider working with a trade deal. If they can’t agree on terms for him to stay in Brooklyn. So far only the Los Angeles Lakers are the only team interested. A source told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarovski, that without the ability to come up with a trade deal, Irving planned to use his player options. The source confirmed he had until 5 pm on Wednesday to submit documents to use the player options.

Kyrie Irving is now no longer eligible for signing and trading. This is although the Brooklyn Nets are working on trading him on a near-expiring contract. Irving has not made an official statement where he will go. He has until June 30 of next year to extend his time with the Nets before becoming an unrestricted free agent.


Kyrie Irving, 30, averaged 27.4 points, 5.8 assists, and 4.4 rebounds last season. He only played 29 games in the regular season. This is due to the decision not to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Because of this, Irving was ineligible to play in New York for most of the season. Due to the city’s mandatory vaccinations for employees and players, the Brooklyn Nets resisted him being a part-time player until January.

When he was able to play, Irving reminded everyone how talented he was. As can be seen in March and April. He scored at least 40 points in four games, including 60 during his victory over the Orlando Magic on March 15.

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