sports news ekings news – It is undeniable that Mike Tyson is one of the most iconic players in boxing. This is because of his sensational performance in heavyweight matches. Various games and achievements can be achieved very impressively since he debuted professionally in 1985. And in just a short time, he can become world champion in heavyweight and can claim the WBC belt the following year.

This also automatically made Mike Tyson, who was then 20 years old, the youngest ever world champion in heavyweight history. His game in heavyweight is increasingly considered perfect when he can become a true champion who can knock out his opponent.

With this amazing career path, Mike Tyson deserves to be the best boxer of all time. But there are some people who have other opinions. Among them is Roy Jones Jr, who is also a former heavyweight champion. He has another opinion about the greatest boxer of all time.

When asked to name the best boxer, he assumed he was in the first place and was followed by three other boxers. What’s interesting here is that there is no Mike Tyson in the name of the best boxer.  He chose to include other names. These included Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Salvador Sanchez.

Long Career

And Roy Jones Jr. was also involved in a match against Mike Tyson when they were still actively playing. However, the match between the two world heavyweight champions only materialized when the match was held on the exhibition stage. That was at the end of last year.

As for the results of this match, from sports news it was reported that Roy Jones Jr had to be content with a balanced result in an eight-round match. Mike Tyson has even been named as one of the most vicious boxers ever since 1985.

Apart from his good and brilliant achievements, Mike Tyson is also famous in sports news because of his controversy. And recently, one of the rituals that were dismantled by his former bodyguard was Rudy Gonzalez.

Rudy Gonzalez once said that Mike Tyson should have sex before he fights. And once, even on the night before a match, Mike Tyson did that in the dressing room before a match.

One of the biggest secrets about Mike Tyson is that he is required to have sex shortly before a match in the locker room. And this must be done by Mike Tyson to channel some of his energy first. And if he did not perform the ritual, he could kill his opponent. As Gonzalez said.

Mike Tyson also retired from competing in the boxing ring in 2005 after he was no longer able to serve the game of Kevin McBride from Ireland. And the former world champion who is now 55 years old also returned to the ring in his match against Roy Jones Jr . As mentioned above, this match took place in November 2020 and with a balanced final result.