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Kyrie Irving continues to use player options at the Brooklyn Nets.

NBA Ekings News Latest NBA Ekings News Kyrie Irving is spending $36.5 million on player options with the Brooklyn Nets for next season. From an interview with The Athletic, a famous sports media

“Normal people keep the world going. But people who dare to be different will lead us to tomorrow,” Kyrie Irving told The Athletic. See you this fall, A11even.”

Kyrie Irving has created a list of teams he would like the Brooklyn Nets to consider working with a trade deal. If they can’t agree on terms for him to stay in Brooklyn. So far only the Los Angeles Lakers are the only team interested. A source told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarovski, that without the ability to come up with a trade deal, Irving planned to use his player options. The source confirmed he had until 5 pm on Wednesday to submit documents to use the player options.

Kyrie Irving is now no longer eligible for signing and trading. This is although the Brooklyn Nets are working on trading him on a near-expiring contract. Irving has not made an official statement where he will go. He has until June 30 of next year to extend his time with the Nets before becoming an unrestricted free agent.


Kyrie Irving, 30, averaged 27.4 points, 5.8 assists, and 4.4 rebounds last season. He only played 29 games in the regular season. This is due to the decision not to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Because of this, Irving was ineligible to play in New York for most of the season. Due to the city’s mandatory vaccinations for employees and players, the Brooklyn Nets resisted him being a part-time player until January.

When he was able to play, Irving reminded everyone how talented he was. As can be seen in March and April. He scored at least 40 points in four games, including 60 during his victory over the Orlando Magic on March 15.

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John Wall joins Clippers after Rockets split

NBA Ekings News reports that John Wall will join the LA Clippers after agreeing to sign a separate contract with the Houston Rockets.

After agreeing to sign a separate contract with the Houston Rockets, veteran John Wall guard plans to sign a free agent deal with the LA Clippers. This is according to sources that have told reporters. ESPN

John Wall received $47.4 million from the Houston Rockets after using player options in the final year of his contract and agreed to take $6.5 million less to become a free agent. That is the estimated number of taxpayer mid-level exemptions. Wall will receive when he can negotiate a deal with the LA Clippers.

Sources say the Houston Rockets wanted to reach an agreement with John Wall before the free agent. The trade market begins on Thursday. To maximize options in his next team selection, the Rockets and Wall, 31, reached a collective decision for the veteran card. This was not to play for Houston last season and to start building the new team.

Rebuilding the Team

As for the Houston Rockets, the focus is on developing young guards Kevin Porter Jr. and Jalen Green. Wall didn’t fit in with the franchise’s plans even though he thought he did. With his salary of $44.3 million, John Wall averages 20.6 points and 6.9 assists in 40 games for the Rockets in the 2020-21 season. This sure proves that he is still a great player and can play at a high level. This is even  after missing half of the last season due to heel surgery and torn Achilles tendon.

He spent part of last season with the Rockets involved in training and sitting on the bench during the game.  He trained by himself in Miami for the remainder of the period. With John Wall being traded to Houston with future first-round draft rights to Russell Westbrook in December 2020.  After spending the first 11 years of his career with the Washington Wizards, who picked him as the No. 1 pick in 2010. The Rockets considered themselves a contender at the time. However, the franchise took a dramatic turn when former valuable player James Harden was traded at the start of the 2020-21 season.

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NBA Spurs on the verge of selling Dejounte Murray to the Hawks during the transfer window – Ekings

NBA transfer market Spurs on the verge of selling Dejounte Murray to the Hawks. The San Antonio Spurs may still trade Dejounte Murray to the Hawks. But with Danilo Gallinari, not John Collins as a suitable salary.

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By using Gallinari instead of Collins in trading, San Antonio will limit its long-term costs. Collins has four years, and $102 million left on his contract. Gallinari has a contract that will expire with only $5 million of the $21.45 million guaranteed salary after tomorrow. When the last year his contract will be fully guaranteed.

In order to trade him directly for Murray, Atlanta would have to guarantee at least $11,5 million. Spurs will then likely ignore Gallinari. Obviously, Gallinari is not as good as Collins, but the Spurs will dive deeper into rebuilding if they trade Murray. Draft take will be the primary return with Gallinari as a trade only. The Hawks have all of their own future first-round options plus the Hornets’ first-round picks. This will likely require trading picks. Murray is a 25-year-old All-Star. Although he made it only as a substitute for injury and because the NBA is still dividing the All-Star selection through conferences. Although the All-Star team is no longer divided as such, the All-Star status usually raises the price of players.

Possible Contract Extension

Plus, Murray would fit in well in Atlanta. The guard’s defense will be very welcome, and the game can be unlocked by Young Trae’s off-ball abilities. Murray is due at $34,3 million over the next two years. With San Antonio having time this summer, he may seek a renegotiation. And that extension could lead the Spurs to trade him if they don’t value him highly. However, he will be locked in for a relatively cheap salary with the Hawks, who as an over-the-cap team will not be allowed to renegotiate the deal.

Even if Murray wanted an extension, the biggest extension allowed without renegotiation would be a bargain. Simply put, it’s easy to see how Murray might be more valuable to the Hawks than the Spurs make the conditions ready to trade. As for Collins, keep an eye on him to tackle this summer, even if not to San Antonio.

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