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Athletics News: Thomas and Lyles Claim Victory in Diamond League

Athletics News: Thomas and Lyles Claim Victory in Diamond League

American duo Gabby Thomas and Noah Lyles grabbed an impressive 200 meters win. And two men made monster throws, 90-meter javelin throws that were helped by the wind during the Diamond League season. Namely on a Friday’s festive night in front of a noisy crowd in Doha. The high-quality pitch makes for some impressive performances on the track. And the field as the outdoor season begins to take shape ahead of the July world championships at Eugene in the US. The Americans will be hoping to dominate the sprint at home. And they put an early marker as Lyles held off compatriot Fred Kerley to win the 200m in 19.72 seconds. Despite the highly illegal +2.1 second winds making him turn down the encounter record.

“I perform better under pressure; the crowd excites me,” said Lyles. “Actually, I feel good and satisfied with my current position.” Canada’s Andre de Grasse, who won gold in Tokyo when Lyles finished third. Seemed a little sluggish as he trailed in fourth at 20.15 minutes. In the women’s number, Shericka Jackson from Jamaica looks set to open the match with a win. Only for Thomas to cross it in the final 20 meters to equal a meeting record with an impressive start to the season of 21.98 seconds. Jackson posted 22.07, with British world champion Dina Asher-Smith fading to 22.37 in third.

“I was nervous, but I feel great now,” Thomas said. “It’s an amazing feeling to play here with the crowd. It gives me good energy, it’s beautiful to be here in Doha.”

Pole Jumping Race Postponed

After several attempts, the men’s pole vault was called off as organizers decided strong winds made it too dangerous. They also swap positions for javelin throwers. And Tokyo silver medalist Jakub Vadlejch quickly took advantage of the wind with a throw of 89.87 meters. Beating his personal best of five years. It was just the beginning when the 2019 Doha world champion from Grenada, Anderson Peters, got 90.19. Valdlejch immediately hit back with 90.88, only for Peters to destroy 93.07. Making him the fifth longest thrower since the weight of the javelin was changed. Also mastering difficult conditions was Korean athlete Woo Sang-hyeok who won the high jump with 2.33 meters.

Brazil’s Dos Santos Alison set a meeting record with a 47.24-second win in the men’s 400m hurdles. Meanwhile, Olympic doubles champion Shaunae Miller-Uibo of the Bahamas could only finish third in the women’s 400m. As Tokyo silver medalist Marileidy Paulino of the Dominican Republic won in 51.20 seconds. The final and longest race of the night ended closest to Moroccan Olympic champion Soufiane El Bakkali. Somehow outperformed Lamecha Girma from Ethiopia, the man he won the silver medal in Tokyo. To win the 3,000m high jump run by a hundredth of a second. The Diamond League continues in Birmingham, England, next Saturday.

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Amir Khan, former light-welterweight world champion, makes an announcement of hanging mitts

Boxing news today, Ekings News latest, Amir Khan, former British light-welterweight world champion. Announcing retirement from boxing After losing to compatriot Kell Brook in February

Amir Khan, an Olympic lightweight silver medalist at the 2004 Athens Olympics at the age of 17, won the academy championship belt. WBA from Ukrainian boxer Andrei Kotelnik in 2009 and added the IBF academy title in 2011 when he defeated American boxer Sub Judah.

He hangs with a record 34 wins from 40 fights with six defeats, his latest being a sixth-round stoppage against his all-time rival Kell Brook, who retired last week. Last in Manchester, “It’s time to hang up the gloves,” the 35-year-old boxer, who has been a professional fighter since 2005, said on Twitter. “I am happy to have had an amazing career of 27 years.”

“I would like to say my sincere thanks to the wonderful team I have worked with. and family, friends, and fans for all the love and support they showed me,” he added.

The Feud Ends

Amir Khan’s final fight ended a 17-year feud, and one of the greatest rivals in British boxing history finally came to an end after being beaten out of class by Kell Brook. In front of a crowded crowd in Manchester, Khan hinted at hanging the mitts. By saying that his love for this sport is “No more”

The following week, Amir Khan hinted that he might not be ready to retire in defeat. But now, he chooses to follow his opponents into retirement, with Kell Brooks saying he wants to focus on managing the fighters. This is where Khan had previously said that he wanted to follow. because he also works closely with WBC To promote boxing in the Middle East region

Outside of the ring, he has maintained a strong public profile through appearances on the reality game show ‘I’m a Celebrity’ and the BBC reality TV show ‘Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton’.

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Money problems! Suzuki to withdraw from MotoGP

Moto GP news today EKings News: The latest former world champion Suzuki intends to leave Moto GP at the end of this year. And is in talks with promoter Dorna about the possibility of doing so. The Japanese automaker revealed itself.

Suzuki said in a statement before the French Grand Prix that this move It’s for financial reasons. It is considered to halt other racing activities as well. “And the need to focus on the drastic changes the automotive world has been facing in recent years has resulted in Suzuki drastically cutting costs associated with racing,” the statement said.

Suzuki added, “Use economic resources and all human resources to develop new technologies.” However, Dorna said it had contacted Suzuki last week to warn the manufacturer that they cannot make a unilateral decision under the terms of the contract with MotoGP.

Last year, Suzuki Motor Corporation renewed its participation in the MotoGP championship. They did this with the deal running until the 2026 season. They did this after having previously left MotoGP. Suzuki retired from the premier class after the 2011 season due to the recession and the strengthening of the yen. They then returned in full form in 2015

The Suzuki team won both titles in 2020 when Spanish rider Joan Mir was crowned his first champion in a season shortened by the coronavirus pandemic. With Mir’s side saying he was furious with this decision, he and his manager are talking to Honda like any other company.

Continued Negotiations

“We are negotiating with Suzuki before it all happened. ” My manager will have more jobs than he expected,” added Joan Mir. With many other manufacturers trying to adapt to my future without Suzuki.”

Meanwhile, Alex Rins, teammate and compatriot who plans to continue working with Suzuki. According to the news would severely impact the other team members. I will be able to find a new team for next year. But for them (the mechanics), it is more difficult.  I feel very sorry! They are like family to me,” he added.

Suzuki has held several top championship titles over the decades since the 1970s, with England’s Barry Sheen, Marco Laccinelli, and Franco Ancini of Italy, including K. America’s Vin Schwanz and Kenny Roberts Jr., with team boss Davide Brivo leaving the team before the start of the 2021 season to join Alpine Formula One as director. The Suzuki project head Shinichi Sahara said that Brivo’s departure was “shocking news” and affected the key Japanese manufacturer.

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Nadal worried about a foot injury ahead of French Open

Tennis News Today Ekings News Latest Rafael Nadal says training has become a challenge these days. And he will also take the doctors with him to Roland Garros after the 21-time Major winner suffered another chronic foot injury. in defeat to Denis Chapovalov at the Italian Open

Rafael Nadal, has just returned from a rib injury. Struggling hard in his match with Canadian tennis player Denis Chapovalov. Which ended in defeat 2-1, sets 1-6, 7-5, and 6-2 in the last 16.

Rafael Nadal, the winner of the 10-time Italian Open champion, said: “I have pain in my foot again. I am an injured player. nothing new What’s going on there? Unfortunately, my day-to-day was really difficult even though I tried very hard. But it was frustrating that there were days when I couldn’t train to the fullest.”

The 35-year-old missed out on last season’s tournament. due to foot problems Before returning to win the Australian Open in January and winning the Acapulco “Since I came back to play. My feet are already hurting,” added the Spanish tennis player. “The worst and most difficult thing for me right now is I started to feel like I was playing a lot better. I started the game much better. But it hurts again.”

Rafael Nadal’s preparation for heading to the French Open, where he could win the 14th title, is far from ideal. After he was eliminated at the Madrid Open last week. With the hands of Carlos Alcaraz, a junior tennis player in the nation in the quarterfinals.

“The first thing I have to do is not be in pain in training… It’s true that during the French Open at Roland Garros, I’m going to see a doctor there. Sometimes it helps because you can do things,” said Rafael Nadal. “On positive days and negative days. You have to live and value everything that happens to yourself in a positive way.”

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Bad appearance! Nike will not renew Kyrie Irving’s contract

In the latest NBA Ekings News, sources say Nike is unlikely to renew their signature shoe contract with Kyrie Irving after the 2022-23 season.

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving has long had one of Nike’s most popular and profitable signature basketball shoes. But uncertainty about his future in the NBA basketball league means the company is unlikely to extend his contract. Sources told US news agency ESPN that a similar agreement was reached after the 2022-23 season.

Kyrie Irving has a new pair of his shoes to launch this fall. But it is expected to be the final year of the lucrative signature series he has had with Nike since 2014. After ESPN inquired with Nike, they did not deny the end of the shoe. Irving’s signature outfit is approaching in any way. “We ask for permission not to comment on any contracts, rumors, or predictions. Kyrie Irving remains a Nike athlete,” a spokesperson told ESPN on Thursday.

The source also stated that Due to the popularity of Kyrie Irving, Nike is expected to continue to feature some of its related products in the future. Such as retro shoes from previous collections. Recently, this has been discussed between Nike and Irving about the future of his certification. Obviously, his relationship with the company will change. This may be so.

Turbulence starts

The chaos surrounding Kyrie Irving, including the Brooklyn Nets’ noncommittal stance in long-term contract talks. This has appeared in several stages over the past two years. For most of the NBA season, Irving has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus. The team did not use him due to orders from New York City. This was until the Brooklyn Nets eventually changed their course and allowed him to become a part-time player for the away game.

And a change in City’s policy allowed him to play at home during the final season of the regular season.  He was also allowed to play in the play-off round. With Irving averaging 27.4 points in 29 games for the Brooklyn Nets before that. The Boston Celtics will win their first four games of the Eastern Conference playoffs, with Kyrie Irving, 30, with a $37 million player option with the Brooklyn Nets. for the 2022-23 season.

In July, Kyrie Irving took to social media that criticized the design of his Nike Kyrie 8 as a “trash bin” and insisted, “I have nothing to do with design or marketing.” And “Nike plans to release it” although I’m not okay with it,” but days later, Irving issued a statement to adjust those remarks. But of course, that event Hardly laid the foundation for another deal centered on his signature shoe collection.

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SEA Games Volleyball Men’s Team Philippines Loses to Cambodia

SEA Games Volleyball Men’s Team Philippines Loses to Cambodia

The Philippines’ attempt to repeat the podium in the men’s volleyball division of the Southeast Asian Games was hit hard. After a shock four-set loss to Cambodia on Saturday, 14 May. Bryan Bagunas’ outstanding performance proved not enough. When the Philippines fell prey to Cambodia, 21-25, 26-24, 28-30, 27-29, in their opening SEA Games at the Dai Yen Arena in Quang Ninh, Vietnam. The Philippines swept Cambodia at the 2019 SEA Games on its way to silver. But the Cambodian team, led by Voeurn Veasna, showed a calm final game this time. When they prevented the Philippines from forcing the deciding set. The Philippines led 26-25 in the fourth set only to make a serve error. And miscommunication on the offensive also paved the way for Cambodia to seize the upper hand.

Marck Espejo’s strike closed the set at 27-27, but the Cambodian scored back-to-back points from a block and strike to close it. The Philippines dropped to third place in Group B of three teams and must beat Thailand on Monday to stay competitive. Only the top two groups will advance to the semifinals. Back in the 2019 edition of the tournament, the Philippines beat Cambodia in straight sets, 29-27, 25-17, and 25-17. But this time, Cambodia changed its program. Despite winning the second set, the Filipino was hit hard after Marck Espejo landed at the feet of a Cambodian. Although the former Tokyo FC player was able to bounce back late in the third set, he was never the same. Bryan Bagunas and Jau Umandal led the fight for the Philippines in tight third and fourth sets. Unfortunately, a crucial mistake by the Philippines led to losses.

Match Schedule and System

The SEA Games 2021 women’s indoor volleyball competition will be participated by five countries, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. The five countries also competed in the preliminary round, the two teams at the top of the standings will compete in the final round of the 2022 SEA Games women’s volleyball. While the third and fourth places will also compete for the bronze medal.

The following is the updated schedule for the SEA Games 2022 Men’s and Women’s Volleyball

Saturday, May 14, 2022

11.00 WIB – Philippines vs Cambodia (Men/B)
14.00 WIB – Thailand vs Philippines (Women)
17.00 WIB – Vietnam vs Malaysia (Men/A)

Sunday, May 15, 2022

11.00 WIB – Indonesia vs Malaysia (Women)
14.00 WIB – Myanmar vs Malaysia (Men/A)
17.00 WIB – Indonesia vs Vietnam (Men/A)

Monday, May 16, 2022

11.00 WIB – Thailand vs Indonesia (Women)
14.00 WIB – Thailand vs Philippines (Men/B)
17.00 WIB – Vietnam vs Malaysia (Women)

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

11.00 WIB – Philippines vs Indonesia (Women)
14.00 WIB – Malaysia vs Indonesia (Men/A)
17.00 WIB – Vietnam vs Malaysia (Women)

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

11.00 WIB – Cambodia vs Thailand (Men/B)
14.00 WIB – Malaysia vs Thailand (Women)
17.00 WIB – Vietnam vs Myanmar (Men/A)

Thursday, May 19, 2022

14.00 WIB – Rank 4 in Group A vs Rank 3 in Group B (Male – placement 7)
17.00 WIB – Philippines vs Vietnam (Women)

Friday, May 20, 2022

11.00 WIB – Rank 3 in Group A vs Winner Placement 7 (Men, placement 5-6)
14.00 WIB – Rank 1 in Group A vs Rank 2 in Group B (Men, semifinals)
17.00 WIB – Rank 1 in Group B vs Rank 2 in Group A (Men, semifinals)

Saturday, May 21, 2022

14.00 WIB – Semifinal Losing Team 1 vs Semifinal Losing Team 2 (Men, bronze)
17.00 WIB – Rank 3 vs Rank 4 (Women, bronze)

Sunday, May 22, 2022

14.00 WIB – Winner Semifinal 1 vs Winner Semifinal 2 (Men, final)
17.00 WIB – Rank 1 vs Rank 2 (Women, final).

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